Free Minds and Free Lines - personal blog of a freelance writer from the Philippines

81. Free Minds and Free Lines - personal blog of a freelance writer from the Philippines

marcyscreed Personal-Journals

A freelancer writer from the Philippines' personal blog. Now accepting guest posts for linking purposes. Posts accepted include music, movies, entertainment, anime, poetry, games, blogging, freelance writing, and so much more.


82. Free PIMS LIST

Splinterware provides free and commercial software, Autorota Staff Scheduling, Windows Scheduler and Task Launcher, Clipboards, Launchkey, diary, journal, idailydiary, microsoft.

Free to be me

83. Free to be me

cintiamcr Personal-Journals

Qualquer coisa que minha mente hiperativa pensar e meus dedinhos sem tempo se dispuserem a digitar. Músicas, livros, filmes, séries, viagens, idiomas, informática, bíblica, opiniões, internet, futebol, chocolate, azul, esmaltes, meninices etc etc et

Free Travel Journal | Travel Blog

84. Free Travel Journal | Travel Blog

Create your own free travel journal. Upload text, photos, video to your blog and map your trip.

From He'll lever walk to Hanoi

85. From He'll lever walk to Hanoi

Book blog by Paul LaVack. My experience growing up and living with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, a so-called orphan disorder. The point of this blog is to get input and feedback on a book I'm writing with the same name.


86. Götterdämmerung

Götterdämmerung reviews numerous subjects. Why just review fashion? Let's talk about movies, food, and local haunts. Posts are updated sporadically but promises quality with each review.


87. Ghillcorner

piscetaurusweb Personal-Journals

Why As an editor, a proofreader, a writer and a blogger, I often have a lot of ideas that flow in my mind; usually I wrote it down them on my Starbucks Planner and then put them on the corner in my room. This is how the name was created

Gizzimomo's Stitchy Place

88. Gizzimomo's Stitchy Place

gizzimomo Personal-Journals

A blog about my cross stitching adventures. The blog features my own works in progress posts along with tips and techniques, chart lust, reviews of charts, kits, thread and fabric..... with the odd giveaway thrown in for good measure!

Glynis J. - Probing into the Conceptions

89. Glynis J. - Probing into the Conceptions

At my blog different concepts of how to improve oneself are discussed. All topic are about personal growth as opposed to subjects like career, dieting, children, etc.

Gray Berry

90. Gray Berry

rachelgrayberry Personal-Journals

We are beautiful works-in-progress of a patient God. We want to create content that speaks truth, encouragement, peace, and love into the hearts of women, and inspires and empowers them to become who God has created them to be.

Guide Me All - A Place to Learn, When You Are Stuck

91. Guide Me All - A Place to Learn, When You Are Stuck

guidemeall Personal-Journals

Guide Me All is the best online resource dedicated to give you concise and accurate information about daily stuff like business,technology,health,lifestyles and sports.


92. HappyJoeInTheWorld

A unique shout from the heart of Asia, coloured with anecdotes from across the planet. Here a Joe wanting to be happy, trying to figure out how, stumbling of course along away, hoping to entertain the world in the process.


93. Houselements

houselements18 Personal-Journals

Houselements is all about my activities and ideas regarding food and recipes, money matters, saving tips, do-it-yourself crafts, health tips and everything in between.


Daily blog news and about..........................................................................................................................................

I am a Work at Home Mom

95. I am a Work at Home Mom

joannaparasdas Personal-Journals

This is a blog illustrating the life of a work at home mommy and professional. It details the personal life of the author, tips and information about working from home and how to handle work efficiently without sacrificing family.

I Am Shavonn | Blogging for self-amusement

96. I Am Shavonn | Blogging for self-amusement

iamshavonn Personal-Journals

Blog dedicated to finance, philanthropy, parenting, and general chronology. Atlanta girl living the dream via a very non-traditional path. A female web developer geeking 'til it megahertz.

I Am She

97. I Am She

wethelliving Personal-Journals

Give yourself the power to say that you're beautiful.personal dairy focusing on women, their emotions, how they see world around them, their life , their struggles in society.

I No Speak England - Malaya Branch

98. I No Speak England - Malaya Branch

Some of the best misuse of the English language in Malaysia resulting in rib-tickling and mind boggling billboards, signboards, advertisement campaign and impromptu notices. When will Malaysians see the light?

il giornale dei marinai IL GIORNALE DEI MARINAI

99. il giornale dei marinai IL GIORNALE DEI MARINAI

il giornale dei marinai è una rivista on line nuova, fresca, prodotta dall’incontro tra i saperi movimentati da amanti del mare, nel tentativo di infondere e diffondere

Info Bebas

100. Info Bebas

juveholic Personal-Journals

Berita Pilihan Dan Info Bebas Indonesia Dan Mancanegara baik itu politik, ekonomi, sosial, budaya, hiburan, entertainment, musik, olahraga, dan berbagai info unik lain

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