Random Ramblings

141. Random Ramblings

I write about emotions, fantasies, desires, dreams and ordinary things of life. I don't claim that I can change the world, I only write as a witness to what I see, as a witness to what I imagine.

Randomly Mad | the blurry dreams of life

142. Randomly Mad | the blurry dreams of life

2008: The (hopefully) final try to restore back my blogging past, where I used to keep a track of our being and surviving in UK right after moving here from (both) of our motherlands. The original blog disappeared and more than two years of blogging and a

Recovery, Depression and the Witchy Poo

143. Recovery, Depression and the Witchy Poo

Climbing out of the hole that is Alcoholism, Depression, Bankruptcy and the legacy of an ex-wife who just won't stop asking for money! A warts and all journal of personal recovery.

Rob Sheppard | vegan art & design collector

144. Rob Sheppard | vegan art & design collector

robsheppard Personal-Journals

A personal blog about veganism, ethics, gardening, ecology, botany, art, design, words, language, sound, music, photography, featuring The Vegan Art Collector and ethical crowd funding.


145. RoderickE

rodericke Personal-Journals

Relevant news on social, political and philosophical issues. Podcast, music, rss, feeds, programming code, and Excel tools. Free stuff. Unregistered commenting allowed.

Sahwani Blog

146. Sahwani Blog

sahwani12 Personal-Journals

portal informasi ala kang asep berisi berbagai info mengenai Teknologi Informasi, Berita Unik, info bisnis, strategi bisnis, artikel islam, download software dan cerita inspirasi.

Schedule tasks for Microsoft Windows

147. Schedule tasks for Microsoft Windows

Splinterware provides free and commercial software, Autorota Staff Scheduling, Windows Scheduler and Task Launcher, Clipboards, Launchkey, diary, journal, idailydiary, microsoft.



dailyauction Personal-Journals

A very Personal Blog to share Personal Experience, Personal Thought and Fellow-feeling with Fellow-man and with the world.


semua cerita atau info seram seram ada disini, mau itu cerita tentang seluruh mistik mistik yang ada di dunia ini atau di dunia ini ataupun cerita seram selaiin itu jangan lupa katakan Seram AH~

Shy girl, Chi city

150. Shy girl, Chi city

A Lifestyle blog by Sky about her personal stories and crafty creations. Shy girl, Chi city talks about d.i.y projects, adventures on the streets of Chicago, personal day to day events, and a little bit of everything from here to there.

Simply Krish !!

151. Simply Krish !!

Mangalore lover - Passionate Biker - English Rock & Hindi movie Songs Fan - Play the Tabla - Karateka - Fearless Traveller - Sometimes full of crap - Found Zooming in & around Mangalore on The Dhanush (Maruti Suzuki Ritz) like Vayu, the wind god himself -

Sjorkjeis @ planet earth

152. Sjorkjeis @ planet earth

sjorkjeis Personal-Journals

Een blog over mijn leven met in het bijzondere fotografie. Grenzen verleggen en van het leven genieten! Enjoy life, on the road and taking photos!!! I'm always test things with photography.

sms d'amour

153. sms d'amour

les plus beaux sms d'amour , des textes des mots et des poèmes d'amour à envoyer en sms entre amoureux, vous avez du mal à s'exprimer face à votre ameureux, c'est facile envoyer lui un sms

Sop Nama Saya | SOP.NAME.MY

154. Sop Nama Saya | SOP.NAME.MY

Blog tentang Pengalaman, Pendapat, Review, Hotel, Anak, Bikes, Tutorial, Blogger, SEO, Tips, Berita, Gambar Mewarna dan IKEA. Blog about my self, family and all thing interesting to share by me :)


155. sottovoce.360

roxravalli Personal-Journals

collection of information and counter information. ufo, nutrition, allergies, drugs, politics, banking seigniorage, economy, climate change, health, money, Zeitgeist,

Speak Easy, Stephanie | Adventures of a Michigan East Sider

156. Speak Easy, Stephanie | Adventures of a Michigan East Sider

speakeasystephanie Personal-Journals

Adventures of a Michigan East Sider. So, who am I and what the heck am I doing here? Well, my name is Stephanie! I'm happy you're here! I have been wanting to start writing for far too long now and I am going for it. My boyfriend and my Bernese mountain

Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment

157. Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment

Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment at If you're looking to be inspired and guided on your journey to Spirituality, then Shiv Ajanite provides all the information you'll need to achieve it.



ankuanand Personal-Journals

From a Slice of Mesmerizing Memories ! Place where a millions image has been assembled and brought to you through words, with some of the musings and random thoughts

That Ideas Girl | The girl with ideas

159. That Ideas Girl | The girl with ideas

thatideasgirl Personal-Journals

Stuck for ideas? The girl with ideas can help. Unique, unusual ideas for holidays, birthday surprises, gifts and much more. If you have any ideas you would like me to try - get in touch! Read my reviews and be inspired today...

The Good Villager

160. The Good Villager

goodvillager Personal-Journals

A blog devoted to responsible living and travelling. Generally focused on life and living in China, The Good Villager explores interests in gardens, bees, the environment, education, culture differences, and food.

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